3 D

3 D Sketcher

Now.. Imagine, Draw and it’s 3D 3D SKETCHER (3DS-1) ! 3D Sketcher increases creativity. It allows anyone to draw their 3D Art or Model on any surface. It can be used for freehand vertical and horizontal sketching in ABS or PLA Plastics. ! The Filament comes in lots of colours, properties enhancements like Glow in the Dark, Neon effect, and many more variations.It comes in a roll of 1.75mm of 10grams. !Last few remaining, best price INR 3,399/- only!
With 3D Sketcher you can show your ideas and allow your customers to visualise a 3D Model rather than simple drawings and sketches on paper. It’s a great tool for Architects, Designers, Children, Artists, Scientists and anyone who wants to show theircreativity and talent.