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3D Printing for Schools, Colleges & Summer Workshops

3D Prototyping brings: 3D Printing for Schools, Colleges & Summer Workshops

Who should attend?

Students aged 9+ or computer literate aspiring to be engineers, designers, architects, doctors or even hobbyists.

What you MISS, if you don’t learn 3D Printing?

Increasing your creativity, imagination, cognitive development & motor skills. Also making technology a no brainer. Being a creator of things, originality over repeatability. Focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering & maths). BBC says, “we may soon have 3d printers in all our homes.”

Learning Schedule:

1 hour sessions

1st. Session: Introduction

Introduction to 3D Prototyping machines (aka 3D Printers)
Introduction to 3D Prototyping technologies like FDM, SLA, SLS
3D Printer videos and latest trends in 3D Printing,

2nd. Session: Beginner’s CAD

Introduction to 2D, 3D concepts, tinkering with blocks
Drawing with the 3D Sketcher
Introduction to 3D software: TinkerCAD

3rd. Session: Hands on Training

Designing, measuring, lights, zoom, scale, rotation, grouping, angles, textures
Students given a task: to do a 3D design

4th. Session: 3D Competition

Review of the last session
Feedback on designs, voting all designs
Sessions feedback from students

 Computers and internet to be of students or schools / colleges,
 Projection equipment, mic etc. to be of school / college,
 4 sessions investment/student: Please call.

Trainer: A. Saras: 9810163654