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Industry 4.0 - Sr. Citizens Skilling

Industry 4.0 - Sr. Citizens Skilling

An initiative of I Print My Things – 3D Prototyping



Life expectancy has increased enabling people to learn & implement more than what they did in their active working life. Harnessing the 20th century intellect & experience for better stability & traction of the millennials.



Skill leading senior citizens of the neighbourhood in Industry 4.0 technologies like 3D printing, drones, robotics etc to strengthen their neural networks, create a self-paced vocation, active engagement in cutting edge technology and ideation.



Sessions in Friends Club skilling senior citizens each month on an Industry 4.0 technology. Duration 2 hours every alternate weekday culminating in a project showcase / presentation on the last day of the month. All working equipment is provided by IPMT, sr. citizens need to bring their laptop & smart phone only.