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Are you Ready!! Industry 4.0 - 3D Printing

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3D Printing is a cutting edge technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution causing disruption everywhere. Its impacting us in more than one ways, be it how we make, learn or design anything. 3D Printing augments creation of physical objects in three dimensions, using 3D CAD software. 3D Printing brings out a person’s creativity & imagination; increases team work & collaboration. McKinsey Global Institute has estimated that 3D printing could generate economic impact of $79 billion per year by 2025 with a 28% CAGR. The huge growth rates are a direct result of its applications for prototyping and mass production in a number of industries, thanks to an ever increasing list of 3D printable materials. The World Economic Forum describes it as one of the four pillars of the 4th Industrial Revolution alongside AR, VR & AI, big data, block chains etc.”


We at I Print My Things are into 3D Printing trainings, promotion of Atal Tinkering Labs. (Niti Aayog) and installation of 3D printing labs. for the last 4 years. Our institutional clients include:

  1. Pathways School (Baliawas & Aravali)
  2. Shri Ram School, (Gurgaon)
  3. DPSi,
  4. GD Goenka,
  5. DAV,
  6. Kunskapsskolan International School,
  7. Shalom Presidency,
  8. Meenakshi Public School,
  9. Bloom Public School,
  10. Scottish High,
  11. DPS Faridabad
  12. Shiv Nadar
  13. IIT, IEC, SD College of Engineering, NIT. 

Niti Aayog you may be aware recently refloated the Atal Tinkering Labs. (ATL) scheme. In this scheme, 1,000 schools are being shortlisted pan India for the setting up of ATLs’ which will consist of robotics, internet of things, electronics, 3D printing etc. and will be given Rs.20 lakhs for the same. Since we are passionate about 3D Printing and the fact that government has finally decided to push technology to the grass root level, we are assisting schools in the ATL application, reviewing, mentoring, advising etc. for 1 year at a nominal cost. We are doing a purely professional job on best effort basis only and the last date is 15th July 2017.


In addition, we teach 3D Printing to all ages especially students studying in India or those leaving for abroad, so they adopt this 4th Industrial Revolution Technology at the earliest. Training includes:

  1. All about 3d Printing – through ppts, videos, pics etc,
  2. 3D CAD designing –  
  3. Operating a 3D Printer – gcodes, set up, post processing
  4. Using 3D Pen
  5. Optional – MS excel, power point & word

During the 20 hrs. course, students can take away their designs, the CAD software & 3D printed objects. There is an online assessment post the practical lessons. After the successful completion of the course, students can get a Autodesk certificate. Learning outcome: participants are able to do basic CAD designing & operate a 3D printer. Participants are required to bring their own internet enabled laptop (charged) with mouse. The 3D Printing training is Mon. to Fri. 3pm to 6pm and you can get in touch for further details.