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3D Printing getting traction in Schools – Part 1

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It’s always invigorating to meet schools leaders as it brings out a fresh thinking in us at I Print My Things and of course takes us back personally to our schools days! Earlier this week, it was amazing to meet Mrs Anupama Chopra Principal GD Goenka Karkardooma and Principal of GD Goenka Rohini, Mrs Ragini Kaul. Both these are new K-12 schools of about 1200 students but above all great school leaders. Both these, Principals had an aura to them, their approach to their schools was unique and it was a joy to spend time with them. Avikshit Saras was in these schools in his capacity as a 3D printing trainer, conducting a demo class for the students. The students were very much aware of 3D printing and their hunger for knowledge was quite apparent. There were numerous questions and excitement was palpable.

One of the teachers Ms Jaya who was also an academic coordinator had an amazing knowledge of technology. A self-learner and knowledge seeker, she knew about a very specialised dental application (Invisalign) of 3D printing that we had heard some months ago! We are in times wherein there is a lot of knowledge that’s available with us, we need to reach out to it, decode it and immerse in it. So in essence like Jaya, one has to be a self-learner & seeker. The role of a teacher is fast changing and they are becoming facilitators or mentors. No longer we need to go to a Guru for knowledge as the latter is freely available but go to a Guru to get the right direction. During my presentation, there was a slide on the fourth industrial revolution, how future technologies are going to impact students careers and how important it is for them to understand these technologies. To this Mrs Kaul added that making students future ready is not just the responsibility of the school, but parents need to promote these technologies as well.

Further interaction with Principal Kaul revealed how parents want their child to be good in academics, good in sports, good in dancing, music etc. There is so much expectation from the child, it’s just mind boggling and confusing for the child. Many schools leader agree that sports, dance & music are quite helpful in reducing stress among students. In modern times design has come to the fore front and at the school level, which earlier was the sole prerogative of tertiary education. So we have institutions of repute like NID, NIFT etc which one can go to after school only. That could be a reason why CBSE a few years ago chose to delete design from their curriculum. But inculcating design in the curriculum increases a student’s creativity & imagination, makes her a thinker and a person who starts asking out of the box questions. So when we at I Print My Things go to say Pathways, DPS, etc in these IB schools design is very much a part of their curriculum. 3D printers and 3D printing training fit in very well and get that progression.

IB schools may look & sound fancy places, but their teaching has become more relevant to changing modern times. The CBSE curriculum should be upgraded, they could have an Indian IB system, so schools can opt for the same, fee structure can be lowered and foreign exchange can be saved that goes out towards remittances for the IB fees. 3D printing does gives schools an edge to schools and takes their students far ahead than just say robotics. How this happens, we will discuss in our next blog!