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1st Poem on 3D Printing

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Let’s be creative, let’s be imaginative, let’s be intuitive,
Don’t tell me you never had the initiative?

3D Printing is no rocket science,
It’s as simple as counting from 1 to 9.

You begin by designing in CAD,
Hey don’t make me mad, that you don’t know CAD!!
CAD is Computer Aided Design software,
Trust me there are enough CAD freeware.
So with no software cost,
There is nothing much lost,
Now it’s all about getting the moves right,
Just sit in front of your gadget & design upright.

Create something unique, create something unseen,
Because shortly your design is going to be globally seen.

No worries if you don’t have a design flair,
But want products, prototypes, objects to snare,
Go to the online repositories just download a .stl file to spare.

Send it to me or a 3D Printing job worker,
I shall deliver your product, object, prototype better than a model maker.

Your move from mass production to customization,
Will certainly give Fordism some unwanted commotion,
For long we have been troubled seeing little ideation,
And more of standard – repetitive – identical creations.

So let’s be creative, let’s be imaginative, let’s be intuitive,
Thank God, you now have all that initiative.