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We are the 1st ones in India to combine study abroad and 3D printing training.

Course participants have gone to : University of British Columbia, Les Roche Marbella Spain etc.

Study abroad 3 D printing
Study Abroad 3D printing

What is 3D Printing?


3D Printing is a cutting edge technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution. It augments creation of physical objects in three dimensions, using 3D CAD software. 3D Printing brings out a person’s creativity & imagination; increases teamwork & collaboration.

What does 3D Printing do?

It makes you visualize, plan, increases computational thinking & reasoning which are required to become a researcher, entrepreneur or a skilled manager.

Suggested applications of 3D Printing?

If you have anything to do with studies/industries like medical, engineering, aerospace, automobiles, food, textiles, architecture, retail, construction, education & design, then you have to learn 3D printing.

What are we doing?

We are training students going abroad for studies this fall. Time is short, so in a minimum span of 10 hrs. i.e. in a week or longer, anyone can learn 3D Printing, that has applications across above industries & professions.

What is the learning outcome?

The learning outcome of the course is, you are able to do basic 3D CAD designing & operate a 3D printer. 3D printing brings out your creativity, imagination, computational thinking, planning, execution, design abilities etc which makes a student stand out vis a vis her peers.

How can 3D Printing help me when studying abroad?

Many universities & colleges have entrepreneurship, incubation, design or other such cells in which cutting edge technology machines such as 3D printers are installed. However there is a regular need to maintain, run & upkeep these machines and this is where your 3D printing skills would come in handy. In addition enabling you to earn an income or get a recognition certificate from the University towards services rendered.

Add on extras, freebies, Trainer profile:

In addition to the above, we do offer free brushing up on MS Word, Excel & PPT and guide students on living & studying abroad. The trainer has experience of studying in the UK & The Netherlands during his career, has travelled to more than 13 countries and lived in a conflict zone (Afghanistan).


Training Cost: Rs.10,000/- for individual training.

Venue: 10, Friends Colony West, New Delhi - 110065.

Phone No.: 9810168654.

Duration of Promotion: 4 Weeks

Timings: Batch 1: 10am – 12pm & Batch 2: 3pm – 5pm

Autodesk Certificate post successful completion

Who are we?

At I Print My Things – 3D Prototyping, we are into 3D printing training and setting up of 3D printing labs. in educational institutions.

What is 3D Printing doing globally?

McKinsey Global Institute has estimated that 3d printing could generate an economic impact of $79 billion per year by 2025 with a 28% CAGR. The huge growth rates are a direct result of its applications for prototyping and mass production in a number of industries, thanks to an ever increasing list of 3D printable materials. The World Economic Forum describes it as one of the four pillars of the 4th Industrial Revolution alongside AR, VR & AI, big data, block chains etc.